Click on the links below to access flashcards that test your knowledge of the word elements presented in each chapter.  The first option for each chapter shows you the Latin or Greek element and asks for the meaning.  The “Reverse” option works in the other direction and provides an added challenge.  (NB: Only a few suffixes are included on the ground that the similarity and flexibility in meaning between various suffixes is such as to render them unsuited to this kind of exercise.)

Chapter I (reverse)
Chapter II (reverse)
Chapter III (reverse)
Chapter IV (reverse)
Chapter V (reverse)
Chapter VI (reverse)
Chapter VII (reverse)
Chapter VIII (reverse)
Chapter IX (reverse)
Chapter X (reverse)
Chapter XI (reverse)
Chapter XII (reverse)
Chapter XIII (reverse)
Chapter XIV (reverse)
Chapter XV (reverse)
Chapter XVI (reverse)
Chapter_XVII (reverse)
Chapter XVIII (reverse)
Chapter XIX (reverse)
Chapter XX (reverse)
Chapter XXI (reverse)
Chapter XXII (reverse)
Chapter XXIII (reverse)
Chapter XXIV (reverse)
Chapter XXV (reverse)
Chapter XXVI (reverse)
Chapter XXVII (reverse)
Chapter XXVIII (reverse)


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