Word Elements from Chapter XIII

Identify the correct meaning for each word element, or vice versa. Then click "Proceed" to check your answer. Click "Proceed" again to move to the next entry. If you know an entry so well that you would like it removed from the stack for the remainder of your study session, perform a term-ectomy and proceed to the next one. All cards are returned to the stack and randomized upon each visit to this page.
bifidus, bifida, bifidumforked
cavus, cava, cavumhollow
durus, dura, durumhard
latus, lata, latumwide
longus, longa, longumlong
magnus, magna, magnumbig, great, large
mucosus, mucosa, mucosummucous
multus, multa, multummany, much
transversus, transversa, transversumoblique, moving across
dexter, dextra, dextrumright
sinister, sinistra, sinistrumleft
brevis, breveshort
centralis, centralecentral
communis, communeshared, common
frontalis, frontalerelating to the forehead
jugularis, jugularejugular
lacrimalis, lacrimalerelated to tears
mollis, mollesoft
superficialis, superficialesuperficial, on the surface
vertebralis, vertebraleof the vertebra
a.c.ante cibum ("before food")
p.c.post cibum ("after food")
a.m.ante meridiem ("before midday")
p.m.post meridiem ("after midday")
a.n.ante noctem ("before night")
b.d.bis die ("twice a day")
h.s.hora somni ("at the hour of sleep")
a.d.auris dextra ("right ear")
a.s.auris sinistra ("left ear")
o.d.oculus dexter ("right eye")
o.s.oculus sinister ("left eye")
p.o.per os ("orally, through the mouth")
p.r.per rectum ("rectally, through the rectum")
s.l.sub lingua ("under the tongue")
ad lib.ad libitum ("as desired")
s.o.s.si opus sit ("as needed, if there should be need")
stat.statim ("immediately")
ut dict.ut dictum ("as directed, as stated")
c/cum ("with")
s/sine ("without")
BAartium baccalaureus ("bachelor of arts")
BSscientiae baccalaureus ("bachelor of science")
MAmagister artium ("master of arts")
MDmedicinae doctor ("doctor of medicine")
PhDphilosophiae doctor ("doctor of philosophy")