Word Elements from Chapter XII

Identify the correct meaning for each word element, or vice versa. Then click "Proceed" to check your answer. Click "Proceed" again to move to the next entry. If you know an entry so well that you would like it removed from the stack for the remainder of your study session, perform a term-ectomy and proceed to the next one. All cards are returned to the stack and randomized upon each visit to this page.
mechanism for pressing downdepressor, depressoris
mechanism for spreading outdilator, dilatoris
mechanism for bendingflexor, flexoris
mechanism for liftinglevator, levatoris
bluish discolorationlivor, livoris
mechanism for movingmotor, motoris
stiffness, rigidityrigor, rigoris
mechanism for stretching or tensingtensor, tensoris
axisaxis, axis
nostrilnaris, naris
fishpiscis, piscis
testicletestis, testis
appendix ("that which hangs on")appendix, appendicis
neck, cervixcervix, cervicis
index ("that which points out")index, indicis
matrix, structure, moldmatrix, matricis
abdomenabdomen, abdominis
two-headed (muscle of the upper arm)biceps, bicipitis
femur (bone of the upper leg)femur, femoris
deathmors, mortis
boneos, ossis
footpes, pedis
bodycorpus, corporis
type, family, racegenus, generis
entrailsviscus, visceris
ribcosta, costae
membranemembrana, membranae
eyelidpalpebra, palpebrae
veinvena, venae
finger, toedigitus, digiti
eyeoculus, oculi
forearmbrachium, brachii
eyebrowsupercilium, supercilii
drumtympanum, tympani
intercoursecoitus, coitus
cavitysinus, sinus