Word Elements from Chapter XXII

Identify the correct meaning for each word element, or vice versa. Then click "Proceed" to check your answer. Click "Proceed" again to move to the next entry. If you know an entry so well that you would like it removed from the stack for the remainder of your study session, perform a term-ectomy and proceed to the next one. All cards are returned to the stack and randomized upon each visit to this page.
-algiacondition of having pain in
-emiacondition of the blood
-maniamadness, obsession
-opiacondition of the vision
-philiaintense attraction to or love for
-phobiaintense fear of or aversion from
-phoriacarrying or transporting
-stheniacondition of strength
-tropiaturning or inclination
acr-extremity, summit
chir-, cheir-hand
gluc-, glyc-sugar
hem-, hemat-blood
heter-other, different
hom-, home-same, similar
necr-corpse, dead tissue
ne-new, young
nom-rule, law, measure
pale- (palae-)old, ancient
platy-, platys-broad, flat
pleur-side, rib
spa-, spas-to draw, to jerk
stere-solid, three-dimensional
stom-, stomat-mouth
therap-to nurture, to treat
trau-injury, trauma