Aries indicates ailments concerning the head in general, the senses, and eyesight. It causes: headache, weak vision, apoplexy, deafness, blindness, leprosy, scaly skin, hair loss, mange, baldness, stupor, purulent lesions, asthma attacks, arthritis, swellings, and whatever conditions affect the sensory system, the ears, and the teeth (Vettius Valens, The Astrological Anthologies 109).

If Saturn is in the seventh house, i.e. on the descendant, with a morning rising and in a diurnal chart, he will be favorable and will grant great wealth, but only when those with such horoscopes have reached the threshold of old age. In this house, he bestows on them a very lengthy old age, and appoints them guardians of money. But he predicts pains in the hidden parts of the body, inflicting hemorrhoids or painful muscle spasms (Firmicus Maternus, Astrology 3.2.14).

If Mars and Venus are in square aspect to each other and are facing the house that determines professions, those born then will be doctors. If the planets change their positions, so that Mars is in Venus’s place and Venus in Mars’, those born then will be doctors of great talent, so long as Mercury grants a favorable testimony. But if Mercury is not in conjunction with them, those born then will be cooks (Firmicus, Maternus Astrology 7.26.6). [This is a small part of a long catalogue of physical and mental problems that can be predicted by astrologers.]

If Saturn and Mars are in the same sign and the Moon is between them, then this native will be a leper, and scabies and itching will seize him. If the Moon is in Aries or in Taurus and Saturn and Mars are with it, then leprosy and erysipelas will seize him, and his body will swell up (Dorotheus, Carmen Astrologicum [Arabic Version] 4.136).

Anyone born at the ascendant in the ninth degree of Aquarius will be a builder, a sculptor, or an architect. If he is born in the tenth degree when Mars is in aspect, he will be a bath attendant and die young. If in the eleventh, he will die in a watery place. If he is born when the ascendant is on the vertex of the urn, he will be a doctor. If Saturn is in any aspect, he will be a corpse washer, or an undertaker, responsible for burying the dead (Firmicus Maternus, Astrology 8.29.5).

If you want to know the condition of the patient and his death and he is one of those whose nativity is known, then look at the Moon, if it transits in its motion in the sign in which Saturn was in his nativity. If when he becomes ill Saturn also is with the Moon in its transit or aspects it, then this illness will be severe and one will fear for him from it. If the Moon in its transit is at that sign in which Mars was in his nativity, and Mars is with it or aspects it at the beginning of his illness, then this patient will be ill from excitement and intense heat, and one will fear for him from it (Dorotheus, Carmen Astrologicum [Arabic Version] 5.42).

Many people think that having one’s hair cut on the seventeenth or the twenty-ninth day after the new moon prevents baldness and headaches (Pliny, Natural History 28.28).