Word Elements from Chapter XII

For each word element, choose the correct entry from the drop-down menu. As an alternative to scrolling through the menu for a specific answer, after opening the menu you may type in the first letter(s) of an answer to find it immediately. (If you are looking for a verbal element, remember to begin by typing "to.") You may cycle through the drop-down menus by using the TAB key. After making your selections, click "Check Answers" to see the results. Continue this process until all answers are correct.

NB: If your instructor requires proof that you have completed this exercise, you may click the button above to get a timestamp and then take a screenshot of the page showing both the timestamp and the confirmation that all answers are correct.
depressor, depressoris
dilator, dilatoris
flexor, flexoris
levator, levatoris
livor, livoris
motor, motoris
rigor, rigoris
tensor, tensoris
axis, axis
naris, naris
piscis, piscis
testis, testis
appendix, appendicis
cervix, cervicis
index, indicis
matrix, matricis
abdomen, abdominis
biceps, bicipitis
femur, femoris
mors, mortis
os, ossis
pes, pedis
corpus, corporis
genus, generis
viscus, visceris
costa, costae
membrana, membranae
palpebra, palpebrae
vena, venae
digitus, digiti
oculus, oculi
brachium, brachii
supercilium, supercilii
tympanum, tympani
coitus, coitus
sinus, sinus