Word Elements from Chapter XI

For each word element, choose the correct entry from the drop-down menu. As an alternative to scrolling through the menu for a specific answer, after opening the menu you may type in the first letter(s) of an answer to find it immediately. (If you are looking for a verbal element, remember to begin by typing "to.") You may cycle through the drop-down menus by using the TAB key. After making your selections, click "Check Answers" to see the results. Continue this process until all answers are correct.

NB: If your instructor requires proof that you have completed this exercise, you may click the button above to get a timestamp and then take a screenshot of the page showing both the timestamp and the confirmation that all answers are correct.
alumna, alumnae
antenna, antennae
aqua, aquae
formula, formulae
larva, larvae
lingua, linguae
medulla, medullae
spina, spinae
tibia, tibiae
vertebra, vertebrae
vita, vitae
alumnus, alumni
cactus, cacti
focus, foci
fungus, fungi
locus, loci
musculus, musculi
nasus, nasi
nervus, nervi
radius, radii
stimulus, stimuli
terminus, termini
addendum, addendi
cavum, cavi
curriculum, curriculi
datum, dati
exemplum, exempli
medium, medii
cursus, cursus
fetus, fetus
manus, manus
facies, faciei
series, --
species, --